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Pickling Line

A Iayer of brittle and hard ferric oxide wilI form on the surface of the steeI strip during the hot rolling,and the ferric oxide layer will affect the surrface quality of the strip during cold rolling.Pickling process is applied for removing the ferric oxide.We are professional in this technology,and we can provide the following kinds of pickling lines,Push-pull Pickling Line (Semi-continuous Pickling Line)and Continuous Pickling Line.

Push-pull Pickling Line

Push-pull Pickling is a semi-continuous production line. It is characteristic with lower consumption,easier operation and fewer malfunctions,moreover it can pickle many kinds of incoming material.The line can produce 100,000-600,000 tons strip annually.

Process Flow

Pay off → Reel Nine-roll Leveller → End Shear → Riveter → Entry Looper → Pre-rinsing Section Pickling Tank → Rinsing Tank → Hot Air Drier → Exit Looper → Deflector → Disc Shear(with scrap coiler) → Bridle RolI → Shear → Oiler → Coiler

Process Parameter

Following is the data for Push-pull Pickling hot rolled strip with the annual yield of 400,000 tons
Acid Annual Output Strip Thickness Strip Width Coil Weight Line Speed
HCL 400,000t 1.2-1.8-4.5mm 500-1300mm Max30t 120m/min


Continuous PickIing Line

Continuous Pickling is a production line that the steel strip is pulled continuously through the acid tank and rinsing tank.The line is characteristic with high efficiency and output,and low electric consumption.The annual yield of the line is 600,000-1,000,000 tons.

Process Flow

Coil Prepare Station→Coil Car→Pay-off Reel→Pinch Straightener→Cutting Shear→Welder→1#Bridle Roll→Entry Accummulator→Front Tension Reel→Descaler→Back Tension Reel→Pickling→Ice Water Clean→Hot Water Clean→Dryer→2#Bridle Roll→Exit Accummulator→Bridle Roll→Control Roll→Cutting Shear→Disc Shear→Feeder→4#Bridle Roll→Oiler→Pinch Roll→Tension Roll→Unloading Car

Process Parameter

Acid Annual Output Strip Thickness Strip Width Coil Weight Line Speed
HCL 800,000t 1.2-4.5mm 500-1530mm Max30t 300m/min

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