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Degreasing & Rinsing Line

During the galvanizing entry section or high temperature annealing,the oil or grease on the surface of the strip will affect the galvanized surface quality and conglutination of the strip.Degreasing&rinsing line is applied for removing oiI,residuaI iron and other contamination on the strip,so as to control the value of the residuaI carbon and iron on the surface of the strip after annealing. Moreover the conglutination of the strip can be prevented so that the surface quality and cleanliness can be guaranteed especially for the strip for automobile and household electric appliance.We can provide the foIlowing degrease Iine.

Electro-degreasing & Rinsing Line

When the strip runs through alkali liquid tank,and the strip is set as anode or cathode through DC with reversal polarity,then gas is created on surface of the strip,which emulsifies the oil film and separate the oil from the strip surface.It is proved by productive practice that the processing of electrolytic degrease is better than alkali degrease in many sides,such as degreasing efficiency and quality.

Process Flow

Pay off Reel→Pinch Roll→5-roll Straightener→Shear→Welder→Pinch Roll→Chemical Degreasing→Electrolytic Degreasing→Roll Scrubbing Brush→Rinsing Roll Scrubbing Brush→Hot Air Drier→Shear→Tension Reel

Chemical Degreasing & Rinsing Line

It is applied for removing animal and vegetable fat grease by saponification and removing mineral oil by emulsification.

Material Thickness Width Coil Weight
Plain carbon steel,low alloy steel 0.2-2.0mm 300-1350mm Max25t

Material Oil content Energy
Plain carbon steel,low alloy steel 1000mg/m? Electricity,Steam

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